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Ten Good Things By You!

Happy Monday everyone! I am SO happy to be home after having SO much fun at BlogHer ’13 in Chicago. I was actually feeling kind of depressed last night about it being over after having been anticipating it for so long. Ever feel that way?  Like at the end of a really great vacation? Well, today is a new day, the beginning of a new week, and I for one am going to make it AWESOME! Because I’m really the only one that can. 🙂

Sorry, for some reason I’m feeling philosophical today. But today’s post has nothing to do with philosophy….so let’s get to it! Today I present to you the TEN FINALISTS and ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER of our 5th “One Good Thing By YOU” Contest!

Once again, myself and my “distinguished panel of judges” agonized over picking the winners because you all just have TOO many GREAT ideas! 🙂  But we persevered and have come up with a few gems I think you’re really going to like!

Let’s begin with our GRAND PRIZE WINNER who wins a $150.00 Amazon Gift Card!


And here are your TEN FINALISTS who each win a $15 Amazon Gift Card!

Thank you so much to ALL our winners AND to all of you who contributed hundreds of OTHER good ideas. To check out the rest go to this post:  https://justanawesome.com/all-about-marinades#comments

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