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Homekeeping · Should You Get Rid Of Your Top Sheet?

Should You Get Rid Of Your Top Sheet?

To use a top sheet, or not to use a top sheet? That is the question. (And boy, are there a LOT of opinionated answers!)

In a recent OGT Team meeting, someone posed the question of whether or not you sleep with a top (or flat) sheet. It turned out that the team was split about 50/50 on the issue. (I was, and still am, firmly in the “pro top sheet” camp. And honestly, until the topic came up in our meeting, I wasn’t really even aware that a lot of people don’t like or use a top sheet!)

After our enlightening conversation about this debate, I wanted to know where you guys stood on the issue. So I posted on my Instagram account to ask my followers about where they stand on the top sheet debate. That post ended up having one of the highest number of comments I’ve EVER gotten on an Instagram post. It’s obviously an issue that people have strong feelings about! 🙂

So today I thought I would distill “the great top sheet debate” down for you. I’ll tell you what the arguments are on both sides of the top sheet debate, so you can decide for yourself where you stand! And of course, feel free to sound off about it by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post. A good, healthy discourse on bedding preferences is something I can certainly get behind!

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The Argument Against The Top Sheet

The argument against using a top sheet is usually one of comfort or convenience. Regardless of whether the sheet is tucked in or not, it can easily get tangled or twisted up overnight. Top sheets can also trap in more heat, which could be nice during the winter, but may be too warm in the summer.

As far as convenience goes, using a top sheet means you have another piece of bedding to wash regularly. It also adds time and effort to the process of putting clean sheets on your bed. And finally, there’s the fact that it’s usually cheaper to buy one fitted sheet than it is to buy a set with a top sheet!

In Defense Of The Top Sheet

On the other hand, arguments in favor of top sheets tend to center around hygiene, functionality, and tradition. Advocates for top sheets often say that it’s more hygienic to use one. It acts as a barrier between your body and the comforter, quilt, or duvet, which can keep germs and sweat away from the blanket.

There’s also a functional aspect to using a flat sheet. During warm summer nights, sleeping with just the top sheet can feel cooler than sleeping uncovered! And as I mentioned above, the top sheet can also provides an extra layer of insulation during the winter.

And finally, there’s the traditionalists who argue that using a top sheet is just the right way to make a bed! Whether it’s because Mom always used one, or because it would just feel weird without one, some feel that the top sheet is a long-lasting bedding tradition worth honoring.

The Right Way To Ditch The Top Sheet

If you’re ready to leave your top sheet behind, it’s worth considering that the hygiene argument is actually pretty valid. Without that extra layer, your blanket will be subjected to more sweat and body oils than usual. That’s why I suggest sleeping with a duvet with a removable, washable duvet cover.

Just wash your duvet cover as often as you wash your fitted sheet and pillowcases (about once a week.) It’s an easy way to enjoy the benefits of sleeping without a flat sheet without any of the potential drawbacks. I love a good win-win situation! 🙂

Oh, and one more thing… if you’re considering ditching your top sheet, don’t throw it out! There are plenty of ways to put your old bed sheets to good use. Learn all about them at the link below!

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Where do you stand when it comes to the top sheet debate?

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