· Bright Ideas · This Is The Only Sports Bra I’ll Wear From Now On
Bright Ideas · This Is The Only Sports Bra I’ll Wear From Now On

This Is The Only Sports Bra I’ll Wear From Now On

I finally found a sports bra that makes exercise easier instead of more of a chore.

This post is sponsored by Wacoal America. As always, all opinions and ideas are entirely my own.

While I’ve never been that into fitness, per se, I do know that it’s important to take care of myself mentally and physically. Once I finally found a workout I don’t actually hate doing (i.e. resistance training, because it’s low impact and doesn’t require much by way of equipment), the hurdle that remained was the issue of clothing.

More specifically, the thought of wrestling a sports bra on and off over my head was less than appealing. If you’ve ever worn a traditional sports bra, then you already know that it’s no easy feat getting them on or off, not to mention the fact that they bunch up in unfortunate places. (I don’t need to look put together when I’m exercising, but that doesn’t mean I’m okay with “back rolls!”)

Finally, A Better Kind Of Sports Bra

But I’m happy to report that I finally found a sports bra that’s comfortable and supportive in equal measure: the Brandi Sport Underwire Bra from Wacoal America. If you’re in the market for a sports bra that’s easy to get on and off, comfortable to wear, and keeps everything where it’s supposed to be, then look no further!

What Makes Wacoal’s Brandi Sport Underwire Bra Different?

The first thing I love about this sports bra is that it offers maximum support—the girls aren’t going anywhere—thanks to its specially designed underwire frame. The fabric is super soft and stretchy too, so there’s nothing tugging or rubbing at your skin as you move, and the fabric wicks away sweat to keep you feeling cool, dry, and comfortable during your workout.

Unlike most sports bras, this one has adjustable straps you can wear as-is, or reconfigure so they cross in the back. It’s a particularly handy feature if you have several different styles of athletic tops, because you can wear it with any of them without the straps being exposed.

And finally, having saved the best feature for last… this sports bra clasps in the back. A hook-and-eye back closure virtually eliminates the need to wrestle it over my head and then back off when I’m sweaty and exhausted. Thank you, Wacoal, for understanding the struggle!

The Takeaway

The best praise I can give this bra is that it makes exercise less of a chore. I no longer dread putting on and wearing a problematic sports bra, because this style is the perfect solution.

If you’re tired of all the limitations that come along with other sports bras, especially if they’ve been preventing you from getting the exercise you need, consider giving the Wacoal Brandi Sport Underwire Bra a try for yourself.

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