· Bright Ideas · 7 Things You Can Do With A Slice Of Bread Besides Make A Sandwich
Bright Ideas · 7 Things You Can Do With A Slice Of Bread Besides Make A Sandwich

7 Things You Can Do With A Slice Of Bread Besides Make A Sandwich

Almost everyone has at least one loaf of bread on hand at any given time. After all, each American consumes, on average, 53 pounds of bread per year! But did you know this sandwich staple has some hidden household powers? Whether you buy bread from a grocery store or make your own homemade gluten-free bread, just one slice is all you need for these handy life hacks!

Safely Clean Up Broken Glass:

  • Next time you break a glass, use a slice of bread to pick up the tiny shards of. The porous texture of the bread will grab ahold of the pieces you can’t even see! Just be sure to throw out the piece of bread afterwards.

Absorb Odors:

  • Place one slice of bread in a small dish and pour some white vinegar over it. Place the dish in a stinky spot for a few hours (or overnight), and let the vinegar absorb any stinky odors in the room. It’s a simple, all-natural odor eliminator!

Make Breadcrumbs:

  • Making your own bread crumbs is so easy! You’ll wonder why you ever bought them. Just tear up a few pieces of bread and pulse the pieces in your blender. This works best with bread that’s a few days old, but you can always put bread in a 200 degree oven (or pop it in the toaster) to dry it out before blending.

Make Croutons:

  • Another use for old bread is to make croutons! Cut the bread into 1-inch pieces, drizzle them with olive oil, and sprinkle your favorite herbs on top. Toast your croutons on a baking sheet at 350 degrees for about 5 minutes on each side – until they’re perfectly golden-brown and crispy!

Degrease Soup:

  • Homemade soup, particularly meat stew, often has enough fat content for a layer of fat to rise to the top. If you notice a clear, fatty layer on top of your soup, just place a piece of bread on top for a few seconds. Let the bread soak up the fat, and throw it out!

Keep Soft Things Soft:

  • The moisture in a slice of bread will help keep other foods soft & fresh. This works great for freshly-baked cookies, brown sugar, and marshmallows!

Clean Photos and Oil Paintings:

  • A slice of bread has the perfect texture for erasing smudges and cleaning dirt off of glossy pictures and oil paintings. It won’t damage the material, and it works amazingly well!

Before you toss out excess stale bread, try one of these tips or see if you can come up with additional ways to use it.

What’s your surprising use for bread?

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