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Homekeeping · Cleaning · The One Easy Thing You Should Do After Every Shower

The One Easy Thing You Should Do After Every Shower

It only takes a couple of seconds, and it's the easiest way to keep your shower clean for considerably longer than usual!

Regardless of what cleaning solutions and tools you use to clean your shower, there’s no getting around the fact that the job takes a decent amount of time and effort! So if you’re anything like me, when you do get around to cleaning your shower, you want to try and keep it that way as long as possible!

Fortunately for all of us, there is a simple way to keep our showers cleaner from day to day. And all it takes is combining a few ingredients to make a simple daily shower cleaner, which is what I’ll be sharing with all of you in today’s post!

When you step out of the shower every day, you’re usually leaving behind a thin layer of soapy residue on your shower walls from soaps, shampoos, etc. But when you spray a daily shower cleaner on those still-wet shower walls, it helps break down that soapy residue so it doesn’t harden into a tough layer of soap scum, and helps keep mildew at bay to boot!

All in all, adding this simple step to your post-shower ritual is an easy way to keep your shower clean longer. Here’s how you can make your own daily shower cleaner at home!

When it’s time to deep clean your shower, check out the recipe for my soap scum-busting shower cleaner! And for more of my favorite DIY cleaning recipes, check out my eBook Cleaning House, available in my shop (or get it free if you’re an OGT Plus member!)

How To Make A Daily Shower Cleaner


1/3 cup hydrogen peroxide
1/3 cup rubbing alcohol
1/2 tsp dish soap
1 Tbsp dishwasher rinse aid
1 1/3 cups water (approximately)


Pour the peroxide, rubbing alcohol, dish soap, and rinse aid into a 16-ounce dark glass spray bottle. (Hydrogen peroxide will start to break down when exposed to sunlight, which is why it’s particularly important to make this cleaner in a dark-colored bottle.)

Fill the remainder of the bottle with water, then replace the spray top. Slowly tip the spray bottle back and forth to gently mix the ingredients together.

How To Use It

After showering, spray your daily shower cleaner lightly over the damp walls of your shower, and that’s it! No rinsing or wiping required—cool, right? 🙂

Have you ever tried using a daily shower cleaner?

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