· Bright Ideas · Are You Doing This Extremely Simple Thing Correctly? (I Wasn’t!)
Bright Ideas · Are You Doing This Extremely Simple Thing Correctly? (I Wasn’t!)

Are You Doing This Extremely Simple Thing Correctly? (I Wasn’t!)

This social media discovery made me realize I had been using garbage bags the wrong way for years!

Just when I think I’ve seen every home-related tip or trick on social media, the smartypants(es?) on TikTok prove me wrong yet again! Case in point, I recently stumbled on a TikTok video that taught me the correct way to something I thought I’d been doing correctly for decades—putting a new garbage bag into my trash can.

Before watching that video, I did it the only way I knew how: shake out a new bag, slide it bottom-first into my garbage can, then wrap the top edge of the bag around the rim. It worked well enough, but it did require a lot of vigorous bag shaking and I was usually left with that irritating “trash bag bubble.”

On top of those issues, I was never able to figure out why the manufacturers put the seam on the outside of the trash bag. As it turns out, they didn’t—I was just putting them in the can inside out!

This new method is easier, requires no shaking, and it even makes it easier to cinch up the drawstring when it’s time to take it out. Ready to learn how it’s done?

The Right Way To Put In A New Garbage Bag

  1. Turn the new bag so that the top edge is facing toward the floor.
  2. Open the end of the bag and secure it around the rim of the can.
  3. Push the rest of the bag into the trash can.

It couldn’t be easier to do, and it’s certainly less noisy than the my old “shake it out” method!

More TikTok Tips

While I still have yet to join TikTok as a poster or contributor, I do find myself perusing the app fairly regularly and picking up clever tips along the way. (If you have the app, check out the #CleaningTikTok hashtag to see what I mean for yourself!)

As a result, I’ve shared a few different TikTok-inspired tips on my blog recently, including a brilliant method for making a breakfast sandwich and how a laundry basket can make your grocery shopping more efficient. So thanks again, TikTok! 🙂

More Garbage Can Solutions

Need help solving other garbage-related woes? Check out these tips to help keep your indoor garbage cans from stinking up your house (or use this felt pad hack instead). If you’re struggling with odor in your outdoor garbage cans, use this thorough method to deep clean and deodorize them!

Have you ever realized you’ve been doing something the wrong way for years?

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