· Bright Ideas · Advice · 3 Things You Need To Know As A First-Time CBD User
Bright Ideas · Advice · 3 Things You Need To Know As A First-Time CBD User

3 Things You Need To Know As A First-Time CBD User

Interested in trying CBD? Here's the most valuable advice I can give you about starting out!

This post is sponsored by Asterra Labs. As always, all ideas and opinions presented here are entirely my own.

It seems like CBD is everywhere lately, and that people are adding it to everything from skincare products to lattes! I’ve heard a lot about it online and even from friends and family, but after trying a CBD oil that I didn’t love the taste of, I’ve been a bit gun shy about giving it another go.

So when I got the chance to team up with Asterra Labs on today’s post, I jumped at the opportunity! The team at Asterra Labs in North Carolina develops and manufactures quality CBD products, and thanks to their expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, I now feel much more informed and confident as a newbie navigating the CBD landscape.

In fact, I’ve learned so much that I wanted to share some of my most valuable takeaways with all of you today! If you’ve heard good things about CBD and are interested in trying it for yourself, the three tips in this post will teach you exactly what to look for (and what to avoid) as a first-time CBD user.

Questions about CBD and what it does? You can learn much more from the resources on the Asterra Labs website, including this helpful FAQ and this overview of the endocannabinoid system!

3 Of The Best Tips For First-Time CBD Users

1. Find A Trusted Source

Because CBD products aren’t currently regulated by the FDA, it’s especially important to do your own research as you shop. Look for sources and brands that hold themselves to high standards, both in terms of their production and manufacturing processes and the quality of their products.

One of the things that initially appealed to me about Asterra Labs is how clearly committed they are to quality and safety. Their facilities adhere to the Current Good Manufacturing Practices defined by federal guidelines, and all of their products are tested by an independent third-party laboratory to ensure purity and potency. (Their packaging even includes a QR code you can scan to access detailed test results for that particular batch.)

So until the FDA does issue guidance and regulations for CBD products (which could still be years away), it’s up to us as consumers to do our homework and seek out sources we can trust. The fact that Asterra Labs already holds themselves to the same high safety and quality standards required by federal guidelines speaks volumes to me about their trustworthiness as a source of CBD products.

2. Pick A Simple CBD Product

If you’re considering trying out a CBD product, the first thing you should do is talk to your doctor or pharmacist, especially if you’re currently taking any medications or supplements. A health professional can help you determine whether CBD is safe to try, or whether it could react negatively with anything you’re taking.

If you get the green light, then it’s a good idea to choose a simple CBD product, by which I mean one that doesn’t have a lot of other active ingredients. If CBD is only one of many active ingredients in a product, it can easily make it impossible to tell how you respond to CBD specifically.

Simplicity is one thing that caught my eye about the CBD Body Cream from Asterra Labs. Not only is CBD the first ingredient listed, but the rest of the list is made up of natural skin-soothing moisturizers like sunflower oil, shea butter, aloe vera, and argan oil too.

And speaking of ingredients, the more you can learn about what’s really in a CBD product, the better. All CBD products are supposed to be completely free of THC (AKA the psychoactive component of cannabis), but not all of them are. But I feel completely confident that my bottle of CBD Body Cream contains zero THC, because I looked up the independent test results by scanning the QR code on the label and saw for myself!

3. Start With Small Doses

So you’ve picked a source and a product—now what? It’s always smart to start with a small dose so you can get a feel for how well you tolerate it. If you do tolerate it well, you can always move up to larger doses over time, depending on what results and effects you want.

Some CBD products are neither clear about how much CBD is actually in the product, nor clear about how much to take for a small dose or a large one. If simplicity and clarity are important to you, I recommend checking out Asterra Labs array of CBD tablets, which are available in 25, 50, 75, and 100 mg doses and come in convenient blister packs.

And because it’s always nice to have options, I also wanted to mention that Asterra Labs 100 mg CBD tablets are available in immediate-release and extended-release varieties. So whether you’re more interested in a fast-acting CBD product or one that lasts throughout the day, they have a convenient tablet option for you.

Special Offer For OGT Readers!

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