· Beauty · Hair & Makeup · Going Gray? How To Make The Transition And Look Great Doing It
Beauty · Hair & Makeup · Going Gray? How To Make The Transition And Look Great Doing It

Going Gray? How To Make The Transition And Look Great Doing It

They say nothing is certain except death and taxes—and going gray. Today I'm sharing useful tips that will help you embrace your gray hair with total confidence!

Good news for us older gals: going gray is officially “in!” According to Pinterest, searches for the phrase “going gray” are up nearly 900% compared to last year. This shows that more and more women are ready to embrace their gray hair, and are searching for resources to help make the transition easier. And that’s exactly what I’ll be offering to all of you in today’s blog post!

In terms of going gray, I consider myself pretty lucky. That’s because my “gray” hairs are light enough that they more or less blend in with the rest of my blonde hair. So I have nothing but respect and admiration for women like Jane, who you’ll see pictured throughout today’s post. She recently stopped dyeing her dark hair in order to embrace her natural gray, and doesn’t it look fabulous?

Jane graciously agreed to be our model for the photos for today’s post, which I imagine had something to do with the fact that her daughter Kaitlyn is our photographer. 😉 But I appreciate her willingness all the same, because her silvery strands are the perfect visual to go along with the tips I’ll be sharing in today’s post! So thanks again Jane!

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How To Transition From Dyed Hair To Natural Gray

The truth about any significant hair transition is that most of all, it requires patience. If you stop dyeing your hair, it will eventually grow out into its natural gray state. The trick is surviving the “awkward stage” that happens in between. (But if you’ve ever grown out your hair over a significant period for any reason, you’ll know this is usually easier said than done!)

But in the meantime, there are certain things you can do that can make that transition process easier to cope with. Here are 5 helpful tips for coping with the transition from dyed hair to your natural, glorious gray!

5 Tips To Help You Cope While Going Gray

1. Use Products For Gray Hair

Ever heard of purple shampoo or purple conditioner? They’re hot right now in the hair care world, and they’re perfect for gray hair! The purple pigments in these products can help neutralize the yellowish tinge that makes graying hair look dull.

With regular use, purple shampoos and conditioners can give your hair a silvery sleek look with no shortage of shine!

2. Use A Deep Conditioner

Gray hair tends to be drier and more wiry than non-gray hair, which can make it a bit unruly. But all it needs is a little extra TLC! The main issue is a lack of moisture, so the key is to keep your graying hair properly hydrated.

Using a deep conditioning treatment once a week can help give your hair the moisture it needs to stay soft and silky. Learn how to do my favorite at-home deep conditioning treatment with coconut oil at the link below!

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3. Stay Inspired

Transitioning to a new hairstyle is going to be a frustrating process, and you may even been tempted to abandon your efforts! Staying focused on your hair goals can help you ride out those waves of frustration.

An easy way to keep yourself inspired during those frustrating times is to look at pictures of women you admire who are rocking natural gray hair. Your hair might not end up looking exactly like theirs, but you’ll never know until you grow it out!

(And what if you grow out your gray hair, only to hate how it looks or feels? No big deal—just dye it back to how you like it! But it’s definitely worthwhile to grow out your gray at least once so you can see it for yourself.)

4. Get Haircuts Often

Haircuts and trims are vital during any hair transition, and going gray is no exception. Regular haircuts will help keep your hair healthy and promote growth. And the process of growing out your gray will go faster if you keep your hair short.

Not everyone is brave enough to rock a silvery pixie cut a la Jamie Lee Curtis, but the shorter you’re willing to go, the quicker your hair transition will be!

5. Explore Color Options

Seek out hairstylists in your area who have experience with gray hair. These stylists have all sorts of tools and methods at their disposal that can make your transition to gray hair easier and less awkward! Here are a few color options you can explore with your stylist:

◆ Highlights/Lowlights

Adding highlights or lowlights to your hair (depending on your current color) can make the transition to gray smoother and more seamless. If your hair is currently dark, adding highlights can help blur the line of contrast between your dark strands and the gray ones.

On the other end of the spectrum, those with blond hair can benefit from lowlights to help incorporate the cooler tone of the grays. And some people can benefit from a combination of highlights and lowlights! An experienced stylist will know for sure which will help you achieve your hair goals.

◆ Color Correction

If you’ve been dyeing your hair dark for a long time, color erasers can help lift out some of that dark color and lessen the contrast between the old color and the new growth. Ask your stylist if a color eraser or color correction is a good option for you.

(While you can buy color eraser products online, they can produce… unexpected results depending on your hair’s unique color. There’s much less risk involved if you have a professional do it for you!)

◆ Silver Streak

If you’re not quite ready to commit to going fully gray, why not start with a silver streak? It can be a fun, low-risk way to see what your natural gray will look like without abandoning your current color. Just have your stylist section off a streak and keep it dye-free during your next hair color session.

What’s your current relationship with going gray?

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