· Homekeeping · Cleaning · The Most Hated Chore In America (And How To Make It Easier)
Homekeeping · Cleaning · The Most Hated Chore In America (And How To Make It Easier)

The Most Hated Chore In America (And How To Make It Easier)

Today I'm handing out the award for the "Most Hated Chore in America," and offering up a collection of my best tips that make this chore easier, faster, and generally less awful!

Ever wondered which household cleaning task would qualify for the title of “Most Hated Chore?” Well, wonder no more! Because according to the 2018 ACI National Cleaning Survey, over 50% of people said they dread cleaning the bathroom more than any other cleaning task.

And that’s not particularly surprising, because cleaning the bathroom isn’t really anyone’s idea of a good time. But dreading it won’t change the fact you’re going to have to clean your bathroom occasionally!

In my opinion, the best thing you can do if you hate cleaning the bathroom is to arm yourself with tips and tricks that will make it quicker and easier to do! And that’s exactly what I have to share with you all in today’s post. 🙂

My Best Bathroom Cleaning Tips

The first tip I have for you is a 5-step method for cleaning your bathroom in 15 minutes. This method was originally shared with me by Denise, an OGT reader with 20 years of experience cleaning bathrooms! She relied on this method to get her work done quickly, efficiently, and with minimal waste. I use it all the time in my own bathrooms, and it’s such a time-saver!

Because Denise’s method is focused on speed and efficiency, you’ll notice that it doesn’t address bathtubs or showers. But don’t worry, I’m not leaving you hanging! Near the bottom of the post, you’ll find useful links to all my best cleaning tips for tubs, showers, grout, and other “deep cleaning” tasks. 🙂

So here’s to making this most dreaded chore a little less dreadful!

How To Clean Your Bathroom In 15 Minutes

You’ll need:

Toilet bowl cleaner
Toilet brush
All-purpose cleaner
Microfiber cloth
About 3 paper towels


Step 1 – Scrub The Toilet Bowl

Apply a generous amount of toilet bowl cleaner around the inside of your toilet bowl, then give it a good scrub with a toilet brush. Flush, then prop the brush under the toilet seat to let it drip-dry.

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Step 2 – Spray

Spray the rest of the toilet, plus the sink, faucet(s), and countertop, with your preferred all-purpose cleaner. (Or grab the recipe for my favorite homemade all-purpose cleaner at the link below!)

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Step 3 – Rinse

Dampen your microfiber cloth and use it to wipe down the mirror. Next, use the damp cloth to “rinse” the cleaning spray from the countertop, faucet(s), and sink.

Step 4 – Dry

Use a couple of paper towels to dry the mirror, countertop, faucet(s), sink, and toilet, in that order. (You’ll be working your way from the cleanest thing to the dirtiest thing, which helps to save on paper towels.)

Use the last paper towel to buff a shine onto the mirror and faucet. Throw the paper towels out and put the toilet brush away.

Step 5 – Finishing Touches

Rinse the microfiber cloth and wring it out. Use the damp cloth to spot clean the floor, or to wipe up any hair, dust, or dirt that’s hanging around. Toss the microfiber cloth into your hamper or washer, and you’re done!

Tips For Deep Cleaning The Bathroom

The 15-minute method described above is great for a quick cleanup when you’re short on time. But not every bathroom project can fit into a quick 15-minute cleanup! But don’t worry—while other bathroom-related cleaning tasks may take a bit more time, they’re still easy to tackle if you have the right tools!

Check out the blog posts at the links below to get my best tips and tricks for cleaning the rest of your bathroom.

What’s your very best bathroom cleaning tip?

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