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Tips For An Organized Bathroom

Welcome to Fall Organization Week on One Good Thing By Jillee! All this week we are focusing on organizing our homes…room by room. So far we’ve addressed the Kitchen, the Family Room, and the Bedroom. Things are about to get even more intimate as we head into the Bathroom. 🙂 We hope you will join us all week and, more importantly, that you will join in the conversation and share YOUR ideas as well! Everyone who leaves a comment this week will be automatically entered to win a special prize that will be announced at the end of this post! 🙂 Let’s keep this organizing party going!

Britta writes…………

Compared to other rooms in our homes, it might not seem like the bathroom should need much of our attention when it comes to organizing. But when you think about it, it’s a pretty vital room! We begin each day in the bathroom by showering, brushing our teeth, putting on makeup, and so on. Having to deal with the clutter and chaos of a disorganized bathroom can influence your mood for the rest of the day! So here are some steps I recently took to ensure that my bathroom routine, and hopefully my mornings as a whole, remain chaos-free.

The first issue I confronted was the fact that I was using the corners of the tub as storage for my shampoo and conditioner, and wanted a better storage solution. I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and picked up a shelf, a mirror, and a hook to hang up in the shower. The shelf now holds my shampoo and conditioner, and it has some hooks on the side where I can hang my razor.

The mirror is for my husband, who prefers shaving in the shower. He can put his shaving cream and brush on the shelf while he is shaving, which is super convenient.

The hook hangs on the opposite wall under the showerhead, and is the perfect place to hang our loofahs.

Another thing I picked up at the store was a step trash can. Until now we had a small, open trash can, and it was kind of gross. It also contributed to the cluttered feeling in the bathroom when it was full. This new one I picked up is the perfect size and it has a removable liner which will make it easy to empty when it gets full.

I also picked up an inexpensive over-the-door towel rack to hang our bath towels on. This freed up the existing towel rack, which we can now use for hand towels for our guests to use when we have company over.

With shower-related issues sorted, I now had to face my storage issues. The medicine cabinet that we use to store most of our daily-use toiletries felt cluttered, but I wasn’t sure what I could do to improve things. Then I saw these great small bins at Target and knew they were my solution! They’re perfect for keeping the little things contained in the cabinet, such as tweezers and nail clippers. I also got another one for my husband’s comb collection. 😉

Fortunately, the under-the-sink situation has stayed pretty organized since I wrote about it on the blog a few months ago, so I just needed to tidy it up a bit. CLICK HERE to read about how I tackled this notoriously disorganized space!

Other Ways to Organize Your Bathroom

If you have drawers in your bathroom that never seem to stay orderly, then drawer organizers are a must! Everything will have its own space and stuff won’t be rolling around every time you shut the drawer.

Hair dryers can take up a lot of space inside a cupboard or drawer. Get it out of the way while still keeping it accessible by mounting a magazine rack to the inside of a cupboard.

An empty stretch of wall can be a great place for extra storage. If you’re DIY-inclined and a lover of mason jars (and I mean, who isn’t??), then why not make yourself one of these cute mason jar organizers?

I’ve seen this clever method for storing makeup all over Pinterest lately. Simply hang a sheet of metal (even a sheet pan would work). attach some adhesive magnets to your makeup, and hang your makeup from the sheet. No more digging around in drawers to find your mascara!

If your bathroom doesn’t have a lot of existing storage, there are a ton of great options out there for you. Wire shelves are relatively inexpensive and can add storage to even the most narrow of bathrooms. There are also shelves that go over the toilet if you’re seriously cramped.

How do YOU stay organized in the bathroom?

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