· Homekeeping · Laundry · The One Laundry Hack You Need To Know If You Have An HE Washer
Homekeeping · Laundry · The One Laundry Hack You Need To Know If You Have An HE Washer

The One Laundry Hack You Need To Know If You Have An HE Washer

I was tired of ending up with clothes that were either still dirty or sopping wet after washing a small load in my HE washer. But this one simple hack solved both problems in an instant!

I’m a big fan of simple solutions, because life is complicated enough as it is! But what I like even more are the rare occasions when you uncover a simple solution that solves multiple problems.

And that’s exactly what I have to share with you in today’s post! I was experiencing two different problems when washing small loads of laundry in my HE washing machine. Then recently, I found a simple solution that fixed both at once!

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The Problem: HE Washing Machines Struggle With Small Loads

Like I said, I was frequently encountering two different problems when attempting to wash small loads of laundry in my HE washing machine.

The first issue was that my small loads weren’t getting rinsed well enough, usually when the items were particularly dirty. Which rather defeats the purpose of washing dirty items separately, don’t you think? 😉

The second issue was that my clothes would come out soaking wet, because the washer would sense an uneven load and stop the spin cycle before it had been completed. Ultimately, both of these issues made it plain to me that HE washers (or at least my own) just don’t handle small loads of laundry very effectively!

But luckily, I recently came across a simple solution to both of these problems! It’s a simple way to “trick” your HE washer into washing and spinning small loads much more effectively.

The Solution: “Trick” Your HE Washer With Old Towels

The solution is to add one or two old towels to your washer whenever you’re doing a small load. The added bulk and weight from the towels will tell your washer to use more water, ensuring that they come out properly rinsed.

The additional bulk from the towels also helps distribute the weight more evenly across the drum. A balanced drum spins more easily, which corrects the spin cycle issue.

Why Use Old Towels?

Using old bath towels is an ideal way to add bulk to small loads for a few different reasons. Having already been through the wash dozens of times, old towels won’t bleed color or produce lint like newer fabrics can.

And since bath towels don’t last forever, old towels are usually easy to come by! Your current bath towels will eventually wear out, and once you replace them, you can retire the old ones to the laundry room to serve another useful purpose.

If you’ve been frustrated with the way your HE washer handles small loads, I hope you’ll give this simple fix a try! 🙂

Do you have a favorite simple fix for laundry-related problems?

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