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TWO Amazing "How-To" Videos = ONE Good Thing!

When I first started this blog I worried about whether I could come up with One Good Thing to post every single day!  But my obsessive personality won’t allow me to skip a day. I have not missed a day in over 746 days. I’m honestly not sure if that’s something to be proud of….but it is what it is.  Me. 🙂 Lately I have had the opposite problem!  Trying to narrow it down to ONE Good Thing vs. TWO, or THREE or MORE Good Things. 🙂

Today is the perfect example. I recently watched two short online videos that were life-altering!  Not really.  But they BOTH literally had me saying out loud (to no one in particular)….

“That Is Amazing!”
So as I debated which one to share….TWO things occurred to me:
1) I could actually post both because they are both of the same “How To” genre.
2) It’s MY blog….and in the words of my darling daughter…..I do what I want!  😉

Actually the 2nd one is just me attempting to be funny.  Honestly, #1 really does apply here! Not only are these both AMAZING “How To” ideas…they are both short, to the point VIDEOS…something I haven’t posted before.  So it just seemed appropriate to put them together.  I hope you will agree.

So without further ado about my silly reasoning behind this post….I present:


Trust me.  You don’t want to miss these.   Even if you never TRY them….you will still be amazed. 🙂

Was I right???  Simply amazing! 🙂

Funny thing is….normally I wouldn’t have thought either of these ideas would have practical application for me….but over the last couple of weeks I have made what seems like GALLONS of pico de gallo from the tomatoes out of our garden and have chopped ENDLESS amounts of garlic!  LOVE garlic!

And while I’m not really much of a cake or cookie decorator…..I DO utilize a pastry bag when frosting cupcakes because I like the way it looks AND it’s much faster and easier than with a knife.

So there ya go…..TWO videos that together are
ONE Good Thing. 🙂

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