· Bright Ideas · 13 Everyday Problems That A Binder Clip Will Solve In Seconds
Bright Ideas · 13 Everyday Problems That A Binder Clip Will Solve In Seconds

13 Everyday Problems That A Binder Clip Will Solve In Seconds

Use binder clips to solve a multitude of common household problems with the help of these tips.

I used to use binder clips regularly to keep all kinds of miscellaneous paperwork organized, from my big pile of annual tax documents to small stacks of weekly coupon clippings. But now that most of our bills, documents, and coupons have gone digital, you might think binder clips would be relegated to the status of other artifacts of our analog past.

But that’s just not the case! The super strong grip and unique wings characteristic of binder clips remain as useful today as they ever were, and I’ve found plenty of other ways to put them to good use around the house.

Find out about 13 practical and clever uses for binder clips by checking out the list below.

13 Genius Uses For Binder Clips Around The House

1. Display Photos Without A Frame

No frame? No problem. There are 2 ways to display photos, prints, or other pictures using a binder clip:

  • Clip your photo at the top with a binder clip, then use a thumbtack to hang the photo on the wall.
  • Clip your photo on the bottom with a large binder clip, then set it upright on a tabletop or other flat surface.

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2. Hang Holiday Lights

Looking to add a little festive fun to your home or office? Use binder clips to attach holiday lights to the edge of a shelf or bookcase, or along the top of your cubicle. The best part about using binder clips for lights is that you don’t need any special tools to hang them, and you won’t have to make any permanent holes either.

3. Cover Your Razor

It can be tough to find what you’re looking for in a densely-packed toiletry bag, and cutting your hand on your razor as you rummage around in there only adds injury to insult. Cover the blade of your razor with a binder clip when packing to avoid this problem altogether.

4. Secure The End Of Your Toothpaste Tube

Of course you want to use every last bit of toothpaste in the tube, but that doesn’t mean you need to squeeze or roll the tube every time you brush your teeth. Instead, roll the end of the tube up to push the remaining toothpaste toward the opening, then use a binder clip to secure the end of the tube in place.

5. Clip Snacks Closed

Most chip clips are made of cheap plastic that can either break at any moment, or don’t actually clip strongly enough to seal bags up properly. Ditch those plastic clips in favor of a binder clip, which won’t budge once you’ve used it to clip your bags of snacks closed.

6. Keep Spice Packets Organized

I use binder clips to keep packets and envelopes tidy in my pantry. Just clip spice mixes and sauce packets together with a binder clip, then hang the clip from a Command hook in your pantry to keep them organized and to use your space more efficiently.

7. Corral Cords And Cables

Keep charging cables tidy and easily accessible by clipping them to the edge of your desk. Binder clips are also great for keeping headphone wires neatly wrapped so they can’t become hopelessly tangled in your drawer or bag.

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8. Secure Your Trash Bag

Tired of your trash bag slipping off the rim of your trash can? Prevent trash bag slippage by using a binder clip to secure the bag to the rim of the bin to keep it from sliding off.

9. Keep Wrapping Paper Rolled Up

If your wrapping paper keeps trying to unroll itself off its cardboard tube between uses, clip the roll at both ends with binder clips. The clips will keep the paper in place so your rolls are easy to organize, but without the the risk of tearing that you get when you secure them with tape.

10. Hang Pants

You don’t need a special hanger to hang your slacks—use a couple of large binder clips secure the waistband of the pants to any old hanger.

11. Put A Duvet Cover On Easily

Putting a duvet cover on can be quite challenging, especially if the corners of the blanket refuse to stay put in the corners while you’re doing it. Make the whole process easier by tucking the corners of the duvet into the corners of the duvet cover and clipping binder clips onto them, which will keep them in place while you adjust the rest of it.

12. Keep Your Pen And Journal Together

If you’re someone who has a favorite pen (personally, I’m devoted to Zebra brand ballpoint pens), it can be frustrating and even heartbreaking when it suddenly vanishes without a trace. But you can keep track of your pen more easily by using a binder clip to attach it to your journal or notebook.

13. Hang Your Dish Gloves

Wearing gloves to clean or wash dishes is a must for me during the especially dry winter months. I like to keep my gloves handy (pun intended by clipping them together and hanging them on a hook on the inside of a kitchen cabinet. It makes them easier to keep track of, but hanging them up also allows them to drip dry after each use.

How do you use binder clips at home?

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