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7 Surprisingly Practical Uses For Eucalyptus Oil You Need To Know

While it may not be as well-known as lavender or tea tree oil, that doesn't make eucalyptus oil any less useful! Learn 7 ways to put it to good use here.

While I enjoy the smell of essential oils wafting out of my diffuser as much as the next person, I’ve always been more interested in their practical applications. A lot of people still don’t know how useful essential oils can be to have around the house, but I’m hoping that today’s blog post will help change that! 🙂

While I’ve already written about a wide variety of uses for lavender, lemon, peppermint, tea tree, and geranium essential oils, I have yet to give eucalyptus oil its turn in the spotlight. But that is about to change, because it’s time we all got to know these 7 practical things you can do with eucalyptus essential oil!

7 Practical Uses For Eucalyptus Oil

1. Alleviate Headaches

Eucalyptus essential oil can help ease the pain and tension of headaches caused by sinus pressure, stress, and exhaustion. Add 5 drops of eucalyptus oil to your diffuser, or apply it topically by putting a drop or two on the back of your neck.

2. Fight Lice

According to the results of a 2017 study, eucalyptus oil showed promising results as a treatment for lice. A solution containing eucalyptus and tea tree oil was 100% effective against lice and eggs after a single application in a randomized trial.

To fight lice, mix 2 ounces of olive oil with 15-20 drops of eucalyptus oil and apply the oil mixture to the scalp. Cover and leave it on for at least 12 hours, then comb, shampoo, rinse, and shampoo again.

3. Erase Plaque

Eucalyptus oil can be a helpful tool in the fight against plaque! A small 2009 study found that an herbal toothpaste containing eucalyptus effectively improved gingivitis and reduced plaque buildup.

Give your favorite toothpaste a boost of herbal plaque-fighting power by adding a tiny drop of eucalyptus to your toothbrush before applying toothpaste. Brush as normal, then rinse your mouth thoroughly.

4. Deter Rats

Have you spotted rats in or around your home? Use eucalyptus oil to deter them from hanging around!

A 2014 study found that rats largely avoided eating in areas that had been treated with eucalyptus oil. You can use this effect to your advantage by adding drops of eucalyptus oil to cotton balls, then placing the cotton balls in areas where rats have been spotted.

5. Relieve Allergy & Cold Symptoms

Eucalyptus oil can help you find relief from mild respiratory symptoms associated with allergies and the common cold. Eucalyptus helps to open airways and improve circulation, improving symptoms like runny/stuffy noses, mild coughs, and even sore throats.

To help relieve allergy or cold symptoms, diffuse 5 drops of eucalyptus oil in your diffuser, or add 2-3 drops to a small amount of carrier oil and rub the oil over your chest and throat. (Or try making your own homemade “vapor rub!”)

6. Relieve Soreness

The anti-inflammatory effects of eucalyptus oil make it a useful natural remedy for muscle pain and soreness. In a 2013 study, patients who inhaled eucalyptus oil while recovering from knee replacement surgery reported lower pain scores than those who didn’t.

But don’t worry, eucalyptus oil is just as useful for treating everyday aches and pains! Just apply 2-3 drops of the oil to the affected area, adding a 1/2 teaspoon of a carrier oil to help cover a larger surface area.

7. Soothe Irritated Skin

Eucalyptus oil has several properties that can help soothe irritated skin, including antimicrobial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory effects. Add 2-3 drops of eucalyptus oil to a cotton ball, then swipe it over minor skin irritations (such as shallow wounds, bug bites, blisters, etc.) to promote quick healing.

Do you use eucalyptus essential oil at home?


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