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9 Of The Best Ways To Use Plastic Wrap Around The House

Saran wrap, cellophane, cling film… whatever you call it, get the most out of your plastic wrap with these 9 clever ideas!

Since I normally prefer eco-friendly food storage options like reusable containers and DIY beeswax food wraps, I don’t pull out the roll of plastic wrap in my kitchen very often. While I’ve explored a few “alternative” uses for plastic wrap in the past (like in this post where I shared how to use it to keep lettuce fresh and to make a handy drink lid), I’ve never gotten around to writing a dedicated post about it—until now!

Even if you’re not using it to pack lunches for school or work these days, there are plenty of useful things you can do with that roll of plastic wrap sitting in your drawer. From preventing fruit over-ripening to averting a vacation disaster, today I’ll be sharing 9 practical uses for plastic wrap that go way beyond packing a lunch!

Note: Many of the tips in this post are specific to plastic wrap, not wax paper or tin foil. To learn more about all of the different wraps you likely have stashed in your kitchen drawer and how to use them, check out this post.

9 Of The Best Uses For Plastic Wrap

1. Prevent Bananas From Over-Ripening

While I would never turn my nose up at overripe bananas (banana bread, anyone?), sometimes I want to be able to enjoy them as a snack! That’s when I wrap a bit of cling wrap around the stems of the bananas. This simple hack helps slow the escape of ethylene gases that can cause bananas to ripen faster than you’d like.

2. Remove Stubborn Stickers

You know those stubborn price tags and labels that leave behind a sticky mess of glue and paper? You can remove it easily by covering the offending residue with a wet paper towel, then covering it in plastic wrap until the residue softens. Afterward, you’ll be able to rub the sticky bits right off! Learn about other easy ways to remove stickers and adhesive residue here.

3. Fix Drafty Windows

Are the “old bones” of your home allowing drafts to sneak in through your windows? Insert some bunched up plastic wrap into cracks to help keep the cold out. (You could also cover the whole window in cling film if you don’t mind how it looks.) This makes an especially useful solution for drafty wooden windows that have warped over time.

4. Pack Or Store Cutlery

Whether you’re moving or simply putting some things into storage, plastic wrap makes it easy to keep track of your cutlery. Wrap each set of cutlery (as in a knife, a fork, and a spoon) together with a small piece of plastic wrap so you don’t end up one spoon short later on.

5. Prevent Painting Tools From Drying Out

Done with painting for the day, but have more to do tomorrow? You can prevent your paint rollers from drying out overnight by wrapping them in plastic wrap! The wrap will create an airtight seal that will keep the paint wet, and you can just peel off the wrap when you’re ready to start painting again. (This works well for paint brushes, too!)

6. Keep Fridge Shelves Clean

Taking the shelves out of your fridge to scrub sticky messes can be a real pain. Instead, cover the top of each shelf with cling wrap. Then when there’s a spill or they start to look grimy, you can peel it off and replace it. So much easier!

7. Prevent Suitcase Spills

If you’ve ever opened your suitcase to discover that your shampoo or lotion bottle exploded, you know how devastating that mess can be! But you can easily prevent this from happening by removing the lids from your toiletry bottles, covering the openings with a piece of plastic wrap, then replacing the lids. Even if you don’t travel very frequently, this simple tip could save you so many headaches!

8. Keep Flowers Fresh

Traveling with a bouquet of flowers? Help keep the flowers fresh by covering the stems with a piece of damp fabric or tissue paper, then wrapping it up with a piece of plastic wrap to keep seal in the moisture. This will prevent your bouquet from wilting prematurely until you can get it into a vase of water. (Once you do get it into a vase, keep those blooms looking great longer with these tips!)

9. Prevent Screen Smudges

Whether I’m looking up a recipe or sharing what I’m having for lunch on Facebook or Instagram, I often need to use my phone while I’m in the kitchen. After repeatedly finding myself wiping splatters and smudges off my screen, I finally wised up and started wrapping my phone in plastic wrap when I know I’ll be using it in the kitchen. 

Any greasy fingerprints or splatters end up on the wrap, and once my hands are clean, I just peel off the plastic wrap and get on with my day! 🙂 And for more useful tips and tricks like the ones in this post, check out my eBook Hack Your Life! in my shop (or download it free if you’re an OGT Plus member!)

Do you know of any other practical uses for plastic wrap?

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