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Customize Your Valentines With These Easy Lined Envelopes

The look of high-end stationary, without the price tag!

Is anyone else shocked that Valentine’s Day is next Tuesday?!?! I mean, I knew it was coming up, but time has been flying by since the beginning of the year. It seems like I’m always a few days behind these days! So, if you are like me, and totally spaced that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, don’t despair! Jillee is here with a quick and easy paper craft that’s perfect for the occasion – making beautiful, custom lined envelopes!

All you have to do is ADD CASH! 🙂 Seriously though, that’s what I’ve always given my kids for Valentine’s Day, because that’s what my parents always gave us! As a kid there’s always a certain thrill to opening an envelope and seeing the “green” peeking out from the card. Heck, what am I saying? It’s still pretty thrilling as an adult! 😉 Not that it happens much these days. *sigh*

Okay, moving on. You are going to be amazed at how EASY this is, and how charming the results are! Talk about transformations.

Custom Lined Envelopes

You’ll need:

If you don’t have any patterned paper, you can find free patterned papers online pretty easily. Just print them out using your home printer. (Try Google-ing “free patterned Valentine papers” for all sorts of cute finds!)


Step 1: Cut patterned paper to fit the width of your envelope, and slip it inside.

Step 2: Use a pencil to trace the flap shape onto the patterned paper, then use your scissors to cut along the traced line. Discard the excess paper, or save it for another project.

Step 3: Trim a little bit off the bottom of the patterned paper. (Somewhere between 1/4″ and 1/2″ should do nicely!)

Step 4: Slide the trimmed paper back into the envelope.

Step 5: Fold the flap over to get a nice fold on the paper inside. I used a ruler to help get a crisper fold, and it worked wonderfully!

Step 6: Add tape or glue to the back of the flap part of the patterned paper.

Step 7: Then simply press the flap down to secure the paper in place on the envelope. Finished!

I’m pretty proud of these little homemade Valentine’s. Even though they will soon be ripped open and tossed aside (especially after the cash is discovered!), I will still have the satisfaction of knowing I made them myself for little to no money, but LOTS of love!

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