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Crafts & DIY Projects · “Welcome To Our Home” FREE Printable

“Welcome To Our Home” FREE Printable

I am so excited to share a printable with you today!

I’m Melissa Esplin, I blog over at MelissaEsplin.com where I share DIYs, Printables, Tutorials and the creative process. I specialize in calligraphy (logo services and an online calligraphy workshop), but I love to cook, sew and decorate.

I also have a strange addiction to vinyl die-cut stickers, thick paper and rayon fabric.


I’ve been working SLOOOOOWLY at making our front door a little more inviting. I just recently designed a “No Solicitors” sticker for my door, but it was a bit stand off-ish with just the sticker and a plain wreath. I do want my friends and neighbors to feel welcome knocking on my door!
Instead of making something new, I just painted up a welcome sign and tacked it behind my coffee filter wreath. I’m warming up to the cosy framing. The pop of bright colors on the artwork and our blue door really add to our bland front porch. I think a bright bench is next up for that space.

I reprinted it and framed it for a shelf on our entry way, too. When you take off your shoes and hang up your bags, you’re greeted by this sign.

I used number 6 and number 1 brushes, watercolor paper and gouache paint. The colors are inspired by Jillee’s site palette (Don’t we all just love her rebrand? I’m obsessed with her new logo!). I wanted it to be sweet and inviting, just like my home.

When you were a kid, was your house the one that all kids flocked to? I want to be that house for my kids and their friends. How have you made your home inviting to visitors?

Click the image above to download the artwork. Enjoy!

This artwork is free for personal use only. Any distribution or alteration of this artwork without written permission is prohibited.

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