· Holidays · Mother's Day · 11 Surprising Things Moms Secretly Want For Mother’s Day
Holidays · Mother's Day · 11 Surprising Things Moms Secretly Want For Mother’s Day

11 Surprising Things Moms Secretly Want For Mother’s Day

Skip the flowers and chocolates...give Mom a break instead!

If you are like me, you stress about trying to plan the perfect day for Mom. Where and what should we eat? Do we celebrate with just our family or include others? Can I find the perfect gift? Well, at least I don’t have to worry about that last one this year, and neither do you. That’s because I’ve been doing some research, and I’m sharing my discoveries!

With very few exceptions, Mothers are special people. Very. Special. They deserve the best, but more importantly, they deserve what they truly want, and not what we think they want (or what we can find at the last minute at the corner drugstore!) With that in mind, I did some research to find out just what Mom really wants for Mother’s Day and today I’m sharing 11 of the things that I discovered Moms wanted more than anything on their special day!

Time alone.

  • Among mothers of young children, this was by far the most requested Mother’s Day gift! This could run the gamut of time alone at home while Dad takes the kids to the park or the zoo…all the way to a night alone at a nice hotel where Mom can take a bubble bath, order room service, watch whatever she wants on TV, and sleep the entire night without interruption.

Time with her kids.

  • Ironically, after reading the above suggestion, the most desired “gift” mother’s of older children wanted was time with their kids. Invite her to do whatever you and your Mom like to do: hike, play a board game, grab some brunch, sit outside, sit inside…doesn’t matter…as long as it’s time together.

Handwritten note/card.

  • Specifically, a letter/note/list of some of the things she did right, memories from your childhood, events that made a positive impact on your life.

Take her out for a meal.

  • If eating out is something that is saved for special occasions, there’s no more special occasion for a nice meal out than Mother’s Day.

Cook her a meal.

  • If going out for a meal is a fairly regular occurrence, make Mother’s Day a special occasion by making real food from a recipe that takes time and effort and planning.

A clean house.

  • Whether it’s the family that all pitches in, or you hire a professional service…you can’t go wrong with the gift of clean. Teenagers can surprise Mom with cleaning their rooms and putting ribbons on their doors. (Just make sure paramedics are standing by in case she has a heart attack!)

A spa day/service.

  • Specifically a massage and/or a manicure & pedicure were most often mentioned.

No arguing/refereeing for a day.

  • Ideally the kids will call a truce for the entire day, but if they don’t (kids will be kids!) then DAD is the on-duty referee.

Sleep in AND a nap.

  • Either one would be a good gift, both put it in the STELLAR category!

A clean car.

  • Whether it’s at home on the driveway, or at a good car wash, make sure it includes “the works!”

A “promissary” note.

  • Give Mom a card telling her one positive thing you commit to doing that you know she would appreciate hearing. Something like, “I love you Mom, and I’m quitting smoking.” or “I love you Mom, and I’m going back to school.” You get the idea.

I actually enjoyed this little “research project” very much! I feel like I really got some insight into the whole Mother’s Day gift-giving phenomena and was surprised (sorta) to learn we all pretty much want the same things.  🙂  Hopefully you got a little insight too!

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