· Bright Ideas · “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” – Part One
Bright Ideas · “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” – Part One

“Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” – Part One

Here on my blog, I strive to share simple, everyday tips and tricks that can help make life a little bit easier. But sometimes, the tips that I want to share aren’t something I can write a whole blog post about. But since I can’t waste a good idea, I tuck them away to use at a later date. I’ve built up quite a catalog of these quick tips & tricks, so I decided to share a couple dozen of them today, in a new series I’m calling “Why Didn’t I Think of That?”

Note: Many of the tips I share on the blog come straight from your comments. If you have a great idea you’d like to share, leave it in the comments, and your idea could be featured in the next “Why Didn’t I Think of That” post!

  • Use a drink straw to quickly remove hulls from strawberries. This will save you a LOT of time if you’re baking, or making homemade strawberry ice cream!

  • In addition to slicing hard-boiled eggs, an egg slicer is the perfect tool for slicing other soft fruits and veggies too, like mushrooms and strawberries.
  • If your cutting board tends to move around on your countertop when you’re using it, place a damp towel underneath it. This will provide enough resistance to keep it from sliding, and you’ll be much less likely to have a knife mishap!

  • I love reusing plastic grocery bags as liners in my smaller trash cans, but I hate when the handles slip down into the can, making it hard to get out. A simple fix is to place small removable hooks like these ones upside-down on opposite sides of the can. Just slip the bag handles under the hooks, and problem solved! 🙂

  • I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at the store and had to call home to ask my husband or kids how much milk or eggs we had in the fridge, because I had forgotten to check before I left. So now when I’m headed to the store, I take an extra second to snap a photo of the inside of the fridge with my phone. Then I can refer to it in the store to see what we have, or what we need more of.

  • You can use an aluminum tab from a can of soda to create tiered hangers. Not only does using tiered hangers save on precious closet space, but it’s also handy for keeping outfits together.

  • You can use an empty oval-shaped bottle (like a baby shampoo bottle or similar) to make a hanger that holds your tech devices while they’re charging. Use a utility knife or exact knife to cut into the bottle about halfway down, making a straight line across the front. Then cut around to the back, leaving an extra inch or two intact, and cut a hole in the center of it. Plug your phone in, hang your hanger on the charger, and place your device into the bottom.

  • Hold a cookbook open to the correct page by hanging it from a clip-style hanger. This also works to get printed recipes up closer to your eye level while cooking.

  • Use the plastic tab from a loaf of bread to mark the end of a roll of tape. No more hunting for the end, or struggling to get it unstuck!

  • If your keyboard keys are looking a bit dusty and grungy, all you need is a sticky note! Press the sticky side in between your keys to pick up dust and crumbs easily.

  • Carrying around cords can turn into a tangled nightmare. Keep your cords organized and easy to find by storing them in a spare glasses case.

  • Bonus Tip: Keep unruly cables from tangling with mini hair clips, bread ties, or twist ties.

  • If you’re transporting important photos or documents and are concerned about them getting bent or wrinkled, just place them in a large plastic baggie with a piece of cardboard or a paper plate to keep the bag sturdy.

  • Tuck the end of the toilet paper roll inside the cardboard tube to keep pets and kids from unrolling them.

  • Make a pop-up dispenser for your plastic grocery bags by storing them in a tissue box. Before putting a bag in, thread the bottom of the bag through the handles of the bag before it. This will make them pop up just like tissues.

  • Make watercolors out of old washable markers by placing them upside down in a bit of water (with the cap off.) The color will mix into the water, making some fun watercolor paints for the kids.

  • How fresh are your eggs? Find out by putting them in a bowl of water. Fresh eggs will sink to the bottom, old eggs will float, and eggs that are in-between will stand up on their ends.

  • If you’re referencing something on your phone, it can be hard to see when it’s lying flat on a table. Make a simple kickstand for your phone by placing it on a pair of sunglasses.

  • Make your keys easily identifiable by painting the ends with different colors of nail polish. This is very useful when a lot of your keys look the same!

  • Got a nearly-empty container of Nutella on hand? Get one last treat out of it by placing a scoop of ice cream inside, and eating it out of the container. Yum!

  • I’m always happy to lend things to friends, but I’m not great at keeping track of who has what. An easy way to keep track is to snap a photo of your friend with the item they’re borrowing. You can also just keep a note on your phone with their name and the item.

  • Make it easier to get all the grocery bags in the house in one trip by using a carabiner. Slide the bag handles onto the carabiner, and you’ll be able to carry several bags at once!

  • A simple way to create a stronger password is to add a letter with an accent mark. It’s easy to type on your devices, just hold down the letter and the accent options will pop up.

  • Going to the beach or the pool this summer? A lot of people aren’t careful about their valuables while they’re in the water, and someone may walk off with them! But you can easily “camouflage” your valuables by storing them inside an everyday item like a large sunscreen bottle. Just cut part of the container off, wash it out, place your items inside, and slide the bottle back together.

The “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” Series

If you’ve missed any of the previous posts in this series, or want to revisit some of your old favorite tips, you’ve come to the right place! Just click the button below to view the full archive of past posts in the “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” series.

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