· Bright Ideas · Saving Money · “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” – Saving Money Edition
Bright Ideas · Saving Money · “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” – Saving Money Edition

“Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” – Saving Money Edition

Managing your finances can be complicated, but with the help of these tips, saving money doesn't have to be.

Here on my blog, I strive to share simple, everyday tips and tricks that can help make your life a little bit easier. But sometimes, the tips that I want to share aren’t something I can write a whole blog post about!

And since I simply cannot waste a good idea, I tuck them away to use at a later date. I noticed I had several tips in my collection that were specifically focused on saving money, so I thought I’d share some of those tips and tricks with you today in a special “Saving Money Edition” of my ongoing series “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?”

Missed the last installment, or want to revisit some of your old favorite tips? Check out the entire archive of the “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” series at the bottom of this post!

1. Snack On Popcorn

Popcorn is incredibly cheap to buy in bulk, so if you make it on your stove or in an air popper, you can save a lot on your snacking costs. A $4 jar of popcorn kernels will make almost 200 cups of popcorn, while $12 only gets you four measly bags of chips (which, as we know, are only half full to begin with!)

2. Eat Less Meat

Eating more fruits, vegetables, beans, rice, and soy can save you quite a bit of money over even the cheapest cuts of meat. And on top of the money you’ll save, shifting closer toward a plant-based diet can help reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

3. Save At The ATM

Find yourself withdrawing cash at the ATM frequently? Resolve that every time you get cash at the ATM, you’ll transfer the same amount to your savings account. You’ll either start avoiding the ATM, which will save you money, or you’ll keep using the ATM and still be saving money!

4. Use The Buddy System

Whenever you do something that requires willpower, it’s always easier to do with a friend or partner, and saving money is no different. Find a coworker, friend, or relative who is also trying to save and buddy up, and they’ll be able to set you straight when you want to buy something expensive, or just stay in with you on Friday night to watch movies instead of going out.

5. Inventory Your Freezer

When you’re hungry or cruising the aisles at the grocery store, it’s easy to forget to consider what’s already in your freezer. Set aside a few minutes to go through your freezer and write down all the food you have in there, then post the list on your fridge as a reminder to use it. When it comes to saving money, eating the food you already have is a no-brainer.

6. Pack A Lunch On Weekends

You may already be brown-bagging it at work during the week, but what about the weekends when you’re running errands? You’re likely to get hungry at some point, and it can be tempting to just run through the nearest drive-thru to grab a bite to eat. Save yourself some money by taking a packed lunch with you, and make it more fun by bringing along a blanket so you can stop at a park to enjoy your meal.

7. Get A Reusable Water Bottle

Instead of buying a water bottle at a vending machine or gas station when you’re thirsty, fill up a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated, cut down on waste, and save cash too. Even if you spend a bit more on a high-quality reusable water bottle, it will pay for itself in short order!

8. Unplug And Disconnect

Save on your electric bill by picking one day a week when the television and all other entertainment related gadgets get turned off, even if just for a few hours. Enjoy some quality time by playing board games, or enjoy some alone time by going out for a bike ride or reading a book. Not only will you save money by cutting back on power usage, you’ll also benefit from having any amount of dedicated tech-free time.

9. Plant A Tree

While it probably won’t make a difference right away, having trees on the south, east, and west sides of your house can shade it and keep it cooler during the heat of the summer. Shade trees can save you up to 25 percent on your cooling costs, plus planting trees is just good for the environment!

The “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” Series

What’s your best simple money-saving tip?

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