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Advice · Why I Love Pinterest . . . And Why You Should Too!

Why I Love Pinterest . . . And Why You Should Too!

Ahhh Pinterest! My love affair with Pinterest began way back when I did my very first ever blog post! You could say Pinterest and I have “grown up” together. Since that time I have pinned over 19,000 pins, created 87 boards, and managed to somehow convince over 234,000 fellow pinners to “follow” me. 😉

6+ years later I still love Pinterest as much as the day I discovered it. When I had the chance to meet the co-founder of Pinterest, Ben Silbermann, last July at their headquarters in San Francisco, it was like meeting The President, The Pope, and The Queen all rolled into one. 😉

Now I just wish I could find time to spend hours upon hours going pin-crazy like I did during those honeymoon days!

Unless you have been living under a rock the last couple of years, most of you are probably familiar with Pinterest as well. It’s actually the 4th largest social media platform in the world, with over 85 million visitors a month! That’s a whole lotta pinning going on. And why not??? Pinterest is literally changing the way we do business and pursue pleasure.

Here are just some of the ways it has changed my life:

Why I love Pinterest…..let me count the ways!

1. It’s become my new “Google”

Today when I’m looking for ideas for how to better organize my kitchen, or a suggestion for a good novel to read, or how to make my own natural products…..Pinterest is where I head FIRST.

2. It’s a great party-planning resource.

I was recently asked to plan and organize a party for a blogger’s retreat. A fairly daunting task! Where do you think I headed first? Yep, my lover Pinterest. 🙂 Making use of one of the “secret boards” that Pinterest now offers, my assistant and I have been busy pinning ideas for inspiration in pulling off what we hope will be a super fun night!

3. It’s the cutting-edge way to discover new stuff.

One of my favorite things to do when I have some down time is hop on Pinterest and check out either the “Everything” or “Popular” feeds. I’m always certain to find something new and captivating!

4. It makes planning meals so much easier!  (And everyone has to eat!)

The fact that one of the busiest times of day on Pinterest is between 4 and 6pm is no coincidence. If you’re like me and always procrastinate the decision of “What’s for dinner?” until the last possible moment, Pinterest is a veritable cornucopia of instant inspiration! If you’re NOT like me, and actually like to give your meal planning some thoughtful consideration, Pinterest is STILL the BEST place to find your food muse.

5. There’s no better way to promote…whatever!

You don’t have to have a blog or own a company to unleash and harness the power of Pinterest. Just by simply “pinning what you love” you become an “source” in your own field of expertise for the world to discover. If you ARE a blogger, or looking to market your brand, I can’t emphasize enough how powerful an ally Pinterest can be!

Last week I was honored to be asked to participate in a video produced by BlogHer.com all about making the most out of Pinterest. It’s titled “Pinterest Master Class“, but really, it’s got great information for anyone who has an interest in Pinterest and what makes it “click”….or should I say “pin?” 🙂

Jory Des Jardins, one of the co-founders of BlogHer.com, conducted the interviews for the video and has produced a series of blog posts about it.

Here is the portion that I was involved in that I thought I would share in the hope you might get some insight from it as well.

I hope you enjoy!

Why do YOU love Pinterest?

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