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The Chef’s Secret Steak Marinade You Need To Try

A juicy secret about steak is automatically twice as juicy, especially when it's as tasty as this one.

I love when I get to share tips with you from other OGT readers! I feel so fortunate when any of you take time out of your day to share an idea or experiences with me. It’s truly one of my favorite aspects of this job!

Today’s tip comes to us from Ronda, a Las Vegas native with a particularly juicy secret for cooking up tender and beautiful steaks. She said that she learned this tip from one of the Strip’s top Executive Chefs, which seemed like reason enough to give it a try for myself!

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A Very Secret Steak Marinade

According to Ronda and her chef friend, using Worcestershire sauce as a marinade yields tender steaks that have a beautiful glaze. I admit I didn’t actually know very much about Worcestershire sauce when she told me this, so I did some digging to better understand how it could work as a marinade.

As it turns out, Worcestershire sauce already contains many of the components of a good marinade! It has vinegar to tenderize the meat, sugar for sweetness and shine, and savory flavors like onion, garlic, tamarind, and anchovies.

Worcestershire sauce is also quite concentrated, so it’s able to penetrate deeply into the meat. If you’re a fan of rich “umami” flavors and tender textures, you’ll definitely want to give this marinade a try the next time you fire up the grill!

How To Marinate Steaks With Worcestershire Sauce

You’ll need:

  • Steaks (see below)
  • Plastic ziplock bag OR a ceramic bowl OR a glass bowl
  • 1/2-1 cup Worcestershire sauce


Place the steaks in a ziplock bag and pour in 1/2 cup of Worcestershire sauce. (If you’re using a bowl, place the steaks in the bowl and pour 1 cup of Worcestershire sauce over them.)

Let the steaks marinate for about 2 hours, or at least 30 minutes, turning the steaks occasionally for even saturation. After marinating, remove the steaks and pat them dry on both sides with a paper towel.

Place them on a hot skillet or grill and cook to your desired temperature.

What Kind Of Steak Should I Use?

Need help choosing steaks? Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Tenderloin/Filet Mignon – This pricey cut is melt-in-your-mouth tender, so it’s great for special occasions. Sear it in a hot pan and finish it off in the oven to medium-rare perfection.
  • New York Strip/Top Sirloin – This juicy cut has great marbling and delicious flavor. It’s also pretty reasonable in terms of price compared to fancier cuts!
  • Flank SteakFlank steaks are a great choice when you’re using a marinade. For maximum tenderness, cut it into thin strips across the grain before marinating!

What’s your favorite marinade?

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